Carving Projects
Hand carved corbels and lintel.
Built by Charlie Mallory.Hand carved basket weave vigas.
Built by Charlie Mallory.Artisan carving grapevines into a viga.Hand carved post, corbel and beams.
Built by Charlie Mallory.Hand carved post supporting a viga portal.Hand carved vigas.
Built by Charlie Mallory.Artisan carving grapes into a viga post.16 inch diameter post with rope carving.30 inch diameter stool being turned on a lathe.Beams with rope carving on the corners. Ready for shipment.Bullet carving on beams.Carving ready for shipment.Celtic knot carved into wood transom.Celtic knot carved into a door panel.Hand carved spindles and newel post for a balcony.
Home built by Charlie Mallory.Hand Carved beams ready for shipment.Hand carved fluted post.Hand carved diamond rosette on spruce beam.Hand carved geometric rosette.Artisan carving grapes into a viga.Hand carved mantel. Zia pattern.Hand carved mantel. 
Home by TC Builders.Hand carved moon face carved into a headboard.Custom carved sign for the City of Albuquerque. Sandblasted background.Hand carved stair railings.
Home built by Charlie Mallory.Hand carved sun face.Carving on 18x24 beamHand carved horse headCustom carved rabbit and sunflower on viga post.Hand carved flaming carved by Jeff Gonzales and Painted by Terry Taggart.

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Here at Wholesale Timber and Viga we have the finest artisans and designers on staff. We have a wide variety of carving styles to choose from. We can also work with you to design something specific to your project. Having our own carvers and designers on staff along with the facilities to produce our own lumber we can provide you with the best value and speedy delivery.

About our carvers

Jeff Gonzales is the son of John Gonzales, a Santa Fe artisan. With a strong sense of design and wood carving in his blood he has mastered all aspects of construction with great style and integrity. Working with you, he can create detailed scale drawings and build your vision. Old world craftsmanship and honest principles can bring your dreams to reality.

Along with Jeff we have a whole crew of very skilled artisans.